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Through Thick + Thin: The Evolution of the Eyebrow

As the saying [or internet meme] goes, never take advice from anybody with bad eyebrows. Eyebrows are one of our most important facial features. They are expressive. They are emotional. They play a role in non-verbal communication. [Think about it: You can say a lot simply by raising an eyebrow or furrowing your brows.] They also require a bit of maintenance. Fortunately, natural brows are the thing now, but that doesn’t mean we get to totally ignore them. We gathered around the Aisle 9 roundtable to talk form x function, trends x products, and our own relationship with our brows. 


Jamie [Staff Photographer]: Have y’all ever tried Boy Brow from Glossier?

Anna [Editor-In-Chief]: Of course. It’s on my eyebrows right now. 

Blake [Assistant Editor]: Ooo there it is. 

Jamie: I got it for the first time last week — I could talk about it all day. 

Ella Ruth [Editorial Coordinator]: Is it just a brow pencil?

Anna: It’s a brow gel. It keeps your brows up and in place so they’re not all wonky, and it’s so light. 

Jamie: It’s a little bit of color, but it looks natural. 

Ella Ruth: I thought you used brow gel right after you used a pencil. 

Anna: This does both. 

Blake: Oooo two in one. 

Anna: Yep — I always like to scrape the brush off at the top so it isn’t too much, and I love for the start of the brow to flick up a little bit — it just feels fresh faced. It’s lightly tinted and it keeps the bad boys in place. 

Blake: Did y’all use pencils before trying Boy Brow? 

Nicole [Contributor]: I remember my best friend Cindra plucking my eyebrows for me in 8th grade. That’s when the over-plucking started. It was the 90s! Thin was in. Now, I have no idea what to do with them.

Anna: Tending to them makes such a difference. Ella Ruth, you have great brows too, what do you do?

Ella Ruth: Wow, thank you — I’d like to thank Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz for all her work. 

Blake: Ok, Anastasia!

Anna: Nice! I used that back in the day. It’s amazing. 

Ella Ruth: It’s the one that all the makeup gurus rave over, so I had to try it. I’ll never go back. 

Blake: I just hack it and use a light eye shadow. 

Anna: Oh girl, it works. Do your thing. 

Blake: I have heard really good things about boy brow. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue, does it?

Anna: Nope. But let it be known that we’re all touching our eyebrows right now just to make sure. A friend of mine actually recommended a great drugstore dupe: Covergirl Clear Mascara to help tame your brows + flyaways. 

Blake: Making note — need to try! Thoughts on the super bushy brows?

Anna: I’m totally here for it. As long as it’s clean in the center, I love it. 

Jamie: I mean, if you got it, flaunt it. 

Anna: It feels so youthful to me. 

Blake: I feel like I would feel lazy if I didn’t pull them together a little bit. 

Nicole: My trick: I keep my bangs long, so no one can see my eyebrows, ha! I did notice a new tool by Glossier that looks interesting — Brow Flick. Have you heard of it? It’s like a pen that adds brush strokes to fill in + add depth to sparse areas.

Blake: I have seen that via instagram! I feel like you’ve got to have a super precise hand to use it correctly. 

Nicole: In terms of applying product, I’ve heard people say eyebrows are “sisters not twins,” so it’s not about each brow looking identical but complementary to each other. My friend Amanda arguably has the best brows of anyone I know. She gets hers threaded and tinted. Have any of you ever tried these things?

Ella Ruth: I’ve gotten mine threaded a few times! That stuff h u r t s but the shaping is so much more defined.


What’s your eyebrow routine? We are curious to hear about your go-to tips + styling products. Sharing is caring! Girls don’t let other girls have bad brows! Help us out on Instagram @aisle9. 


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