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The Shaving Club / The Firsts x Worsts Of Shaving

Whether you’re struggling with an untrustworthy razor, nicks x cuts, or maybe have made a few rookie mistakes shaving, we can promise we’ve all been there. Our team has been on the lookout for the best hair removal technique x products, and we’re handing over our findings so that we can revel in our first shave stories together. 

Blake [Assistant Editor]: Anna, we were having a conversation the other day about the razors that we need to say goodbye to.

Anna [Editor-In-Chief]: I was saying, I think I’m over Billie and you don’t like Flamingo.

Courtney [Staff Photographer]: A lot of people haven’t liked Flamingo.

Anna: I think I got really spoiled with Schick Intuition, the one with the cartridge where you don’t need shaving cream. You cannot cut yourself with it, and then with Billie I was so excited because it’s so cute, less expensive, it’s a subscription, but I’ve nicked myself so many times.

Blake: I feel that way about Flamingo. I’ve cut myself a lot.

Anna: It’s like I need that safety razor.

Blake: What does Schick do?

Ella Ruth [Editorial Coordinator]: I use Schick too, but a different one. I do cut myself pretty often because I thought I just thought that was the name of the game.

Anna: Schick Intuition — “the only razor that lathers and moisturizes during shaving.” I will say, I think I get a closer shave with Billie, but I’ve never cut myself with this guy. 

Blake: It’s pretty big.

Courtney: I really like that, but the issue is if I leave it in my shower the moisturizer bars start to disintegrate or it can create a weird residue like leaving a bar of soap. So maybe the issue is that I need to take it out of the shower, but I don’t.

Anna: You can put the cover on it so that the moisturizer never touches the wall. You have to use the little cover.

Courtney: See, I need to start doing that. 

Ella Ruth: How do you get a close shave with such a big razor?

Anna: I don’t really care that much.

Blake: I don’t shave above the knees. I don’t grow enough hair.

Ella Ruth: Do you even shave your knee?

Blake: I mean, occasionally.

Ella Ruth: My mom used to tell me I couldn’t shave above my knees, and I said, “screw that!”

Anna: My mom used to say before going on a date, “Do not shave above your knees.”

Blake: She knew, she knew. My mom didn’t want me to shave until a certain age, but I was in fifth grade and she was like “No, Blake. You can’t do it.” but really in her mind it was because she wanted to make it a really special moment and give me a pink razor with a thing and make it a moment together. Well, I went behind her back and shaved with dad’s razor, but I’ll tell you what was great about that experience is that I still think a men’s razor works better. I have tried and tried different ones, but I always come back to the men’s Gillette Fusion5 razor. It gives me the best shave. I love it.

Courtney: I agree. I’m the worst about shaving, and I don’t take long showers.

Anna: How often do you shave?

Courtney: Maybe like once every two weeks. I’m also really blonde on my body hair.

Blake: I was going to say like once or twice a week for me, and I have blonde body hair too.

Rachel [Editorial Intern]: I shave every time I’m in the shower, and I take body showers pretty much everyday.

Jamie [Staff Photographer]: Two or three times a week. I guess it depends.

Ella Ruth: In the winter, once a week. In the summer, two to three times a week. 

Anna: I’m the same, but I shave above my knee. Going back to that, does anyone else not shave above their knee?

Rachel: Whenever I shave, sometimes I’m not as precise with it above the knee. Summer time, I whip out the shaving cream and am trying to make straight lines, but in the winter time I just kind of feel and see what spots I’ve missed and then I get out of the shower and realize I missed quite a bit.

Anna: Wait, so what do you guys use? Soap?

Courtney: Body wash and sometimes conditioner because it’s moisturizing. 

Blake: I use body wash too.

Ella Ruth: Trader Joe’s Shave Cream until I die. 

Blake: Why is it so good?

Ella Ruth: It’s just creamy. It’s not like traditional shaving cream.

Courtney: Adding to my cart. Really fast though, men’s razors. I’m not good about shaving and most of the time when I go on a trip, I forget a razor. One time I was at my aunt and uncle’s and was using their guest bathroom, and his razor was in the shower. I grabbed it and used it on my calves, and ever since then that’s the best shave I’ve ever had.

Blake: You do have to change the heads out, which is the same for men and women’s razors. The original reason why I tried Flamingo was because it’s the women from the team at Harry’s razors, who were seeing that all these women were using their razors and they tried to gather information about why that is and make a women’s version of it. That’s why I thought this was cool and women unite and solve a problem. It’s a good razor, but I wouldn’t say it’s a great razor. 

Rachel: My Flamingo razor pulled my hair. It was a very traumatic experience. Maybe I just have very sensitive under arms, but that was a very painful experience. I used it a few times after that just to see, but it kept happening. 

Anna: Shaving takes so much longer, I mean y’all know I’m usually putting makeup on while I’m on my way to work, and I’m like let’s make this quick. So having to use shaving cream and a razor, I love a two-in-one. 

Rachel: I also like the Gillette Venus ComfortGlide, I think it’s the same concept. It has the bars of moisturizer.

Courtney: What’s the price point on it? I feel like I remember it being expensive, but I have to keep reminding myself that shaving is kind of treating myself. 

Anna: At Target right now, it’s $10 for just the Schick Intuition, but the refills I want to say are $13.

Courtney: That’s not too bad, and if it is doing both then you don’t have to pay for the shaving cream separately.

Anna: And it’s nice because you’re protected from cutting yourself.

Courtney: I grew up with all boys, my mom was kind of weird about anything girly just because she had raised boys. The first time I ever shaved, I shaved over those tendons underneath your knee and I peeled the skin off under there.

Anna: No!

Courtney: It was awful, and that’s why I hate shaving. Maybe I need that razor.

Anna: Rachel, what about you?

Rachel: My mom also would not let me shave… it sounds like it’s a club. I shared a bathroom with my sister growing up, and I knew she kept her razor under the sink for some reason. So one time I got her razor to start shaving, but I didn’t know I had to get my legs wet to shave, and I also cut myself. It wasn’t that graphic, but I just didn’t know how to shave. I tried to hide it from my mom, and she totally knew. Finally, I think it was Easter and I was 11 years old, and my mom took me to target to pick out easter basket things and she let me pick out my razor. I got the EOS shaving cream and a pink razor, and I was so excited I took my best friend with me. 

Blake: But did you feel bad you did it behind her back?

Rachel: Well, I didn’t really get the same satisfaction of shaving my legs that time because it was pretty immediate that I cut my leg and had to stop. But then it came to my younger sister, Emily, who just turned 15 this year. I remember telling my mom when Emily gets to a certain age and we start to notice her hair [because we all just have darker hair], “Don’t embarrass her by not letting her shave.” It’s kind of just worth it for girls sometimes.

Anna: Jamie?

Jamie: So I was raised by my dad, but he was like “no razor,” so he gave me Nair.

Blake: I definitely went through the Nair stage.

Jamie: It smelled so bad and didn’t know what to do with it. I was in sixth grade and looking at this tube, and I have really sensitive skin too so it gave me the biggest red rash. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know how to tell him. Then he got me an electric razor, and I still cut myself with that too. 

Rachel: How do you do that in the shower?

Jamie: It’s waterproof, but I think they prefer you use it on dry skin. 

Blake: Oh my!

Anna: I started out with that too, but it’s not a close shave. 

Ella Ruth: Have y’all ever shaved your arms? I thought you were supposed to.

Anna: I still do. 

Courtney: Do you have to keep up with it?

Anna: Yes, but I’m like Rachel and have super fair skin and dark, coarse body hair. 

Rachel: I had to get over the arm hair thing because for a while I would get really insecure about it. Also, I think anyone who makes fun of you for having arm hair is really shallow. 

Anna: In college, my friend showed up to work and we noticed her arms were shaved so the three of us started shaving our arms. I wonder if they still do. I’ve thought about bleaching it, but then I’d have to grow it out.

Rachel: You’d have to get through the prickly stage first. 

Blake: Even though Flamingo’s razors didn’t work at first, I did see at Target they have body waxing strips. Maybe we give it another shot with that type of hair removal. 

What was your first shave like? Got any holy grail products for getting the job done? Dealing with body hair + learning to listen to our mother’s is something that we can all relate on. Head over to our Instagram to join the open x honest dialogue on body hair.