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Dry + Frizzy Hair? | This All Vegan Hair Treatment is a Must

A total sensation in Australia, La’Bang hair products have hit American shores in 5 fantastic varieties, offering beach-style scents and superior hair restoration.  These oil treatments are simple to use and leave your hair feeling fresh and beautiful.  Say goodbye to dry locks and damaged split ends. With only four ingredients, these vegan, all-natural, premium oils will give you a look you’ll love.

We talked to Sarah D. from CA about La'Bang, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Which La’Bang hair product did you buy?
Sarah D.:  Malibu.
Q: Without using the product name, what did the scent remind you of?
Sarah D.:  The scent reminds me of fresh squeezed lemons. It is very refreshing and has a sharp, clean aroma. At the same time, when I first opened it the scent reminded me of a lemon floor cleaner, but as I was using the product I started to like it more and more. In the end it did not remind me of a cleaner anymore, but more of a fresh squeezed lemon scent in my hair.
Q: Describe your hair type [i.e. curly, fine, straight]
Sarah D.:  I have curly brown and reddish long hair. I often straighten it, so it has a good amount of split ends and is a bit course in some areas. The top half of my hair, closest to my scalp, is shiny and strong, but the bottom half down to the ends is course and has a lot of breakage. The outer layer of my hair also has split ends that go up a couple inches higher than the inner layer, due to my hair splitting and falling off. The undermost layer is a bit longer than the outer layer because of this.
Q: How did your hair feel after using this product?
Sarah D.:  My hair felt extremely smooth and soft after I used this product. It was noticeably softer to the touch.
Q: What tips do you have regarding application or use of this product?
Sarah D.:  I recommend putting a small amount in your hand at a time, and rubbing it over your palms first before applying to your hair, so it is applied evenly and not in large chunks. I dispersed it over my palms and then put sections of my hair between my hands and ran it down to the bottom of my hair. That helped the product go evenly onto my hair more. I also focused on the ends where there was the most breakage, and applied twice as much to this area.
Q: What did you like the most about this product?
Sarah D.:  I like how the product made my hair noticeably smoother and softer, and the split ends are not so obvious after using it. It smoothed out the breakage and made my hair look softer and more even.
“It smoothed out the breakage and made my hair look softer and more even.”
— Sarah D.,  CA

Thank you for your time, Sarah D.! We love your feedback.

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