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Dry + Frizzy Hair? | This All Vegan Hair Treatment is a Must

A total sensation in Australia, La’Bang hair products have hit American shores in 5 fantastic varieties, offering beach-style scents and superior hair restoration.  These oil treatments are simple to use and leave your hair feeling fresh and beautiful.  Say goodbye to dry locks and damaged split ends. With only four ingredients, these vegan, all-natural, premium oils will give you a look you’ll love.

We talked to Rosana H. from AZ about La'Bang, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Which La’Bang hair product did you buy?
Rosana H.:  Raspberry
Q: Without using the product name, what did the scent remind you of?
Rosana H.:  It reminds me of the hair moose with fruity scent. I already imagine my hair's fruity smell.
“My kids want to try it too, so I will be using it on them!”
— Rosana H.,  AZ
Q: Describe your hair type [i.e. curly, fine, straight]
Rosana H.:  My hair is below my waist so I might use the entire package. I usually have it loose and straight.
Q: How did your hair feel after using this product?
Rosana H.:  My hair feels soft, smooth and shiney. I did have to use a lot of product, since my is a long and I have lots of hair. My kids want to try it too, so I will be using it on them!
Q: What did you like the most about this product?
Rosana H.:  I liked that the scen was not too strong right away. Also, the way it left my hair with no tangles, making it easier to brush.

Thank you for your time, Rosana H.! We love your feedback.

Click here to learn about La'Bang + here to find these great products in a store near you!