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Honeymoon Makeup On A Budget

I’m about to get married, and I’ve read close to a million articles and checklists on how to prepare for a wedding, especially on a budget. I’ve nailed down my wedding day look, but I had not considered my honeymoon. I ran across an article on about honeymoon beauty products. I’ve been trying to switch from Sephora + Ulta products to things I can grab on my Walmart runs, so here’s my list of Walmart alternative beauty products for the week after the big day.

Tarte and Murad products are incredible, don’t get me wrong. But when I am going to be out in the sun for a week straight, I want to be able to apply product without being nervous I’m using too much and wasting my money. There are some great drugstore products that are careful to not clog your pores or cause breakouts, but will still offer major sun protection. Products from Elta MD started as dermatologist only products, and are now available at Walmart. While it comes at a higher price than many Walmart purchases, it can save you $40 compared to the Murad product.

I want to give my face a rest from heavy makeup usage after the wedding, but I still want to look beautiful for my new groom. These products are incredibly waterproof and still offer a natural look. A pop of lip color can dress up your natural makeup for a nice dinner, Revlon introduced Matte lip colors recently that gives total coverage in one coat. Bring along a couple shades to add some variety to your beach look.

As the trip goes on, I’m preparing for my spray tan to wash away as the week goes on, but I can bring along self-tanning towelettes to keep my glow. I don’t want to waste a moment wincing over a sunburn, so with the help of L’oreal’s self-tanning wipes I can look bronzed, and not risk getting a burn.

I’m itching to be under the sun, toes in the sand with my soon-to-be husband—and you can bet you’ll find all of these products in my luggage! Until then, you’ll likely find me addressing wedding invitations.