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Taking Cues: Inspiration For Your Morning Routine From A Beauty Expert

With the start of a new year, we’re all taking inventory of the habits we want to start x the ones we want to leave behind. Though it can feel repetitive at times, I believe small habits add up. Each morning, it’s a new chance to form rituals that will ultimately lead to the best version of yourself.

Knowing firsthand how habits x rituals can have a direct impact on your daily life, I’m sharing with you today the secrets behind my own morning routine, and the tips x tricks I’ve learned to take more time for beauty, self-care, and overall wellness. To inspire you, I’ve created categories that ground me each morning, along with the action I take to support each one. I’ve nixed a numeric formula or timestamp, as the most important approach is to simply take these cues x apply them in a way that best fits into your own daily life.  




Before the sun rises, I’ve found setting yourself up for success the night before is vital to getting into the proper headspace the next morning. My ritual consists of putting my phone away at least an hour before bed, sippin’ on a cup of night time tea, and reading something in a non-electronic form. 

Truthfully, my day doesn’t fully start unless I’ve had a chance to meditate in order to ground x center my thoughts. I recently did this 21 day meditation challenge, which I think is a nice place to start if you’re new to meditation [each day is around 12 minutes]. Alternatively, if meditation isn’t your thing, you could listen to a podcast to jump start your morning mentally. I enjoy On Purpose with Jay Shetty for his fascinating conversations x insights on how to live better.

I believe small habits add up. Each morning, it's a new chance to form rituals that will ultimately lead to the best version of yourself.
April Martin


For me, if I don’t work out in the morning, it usually doesn’t happen, so I try to prioritize some sort of movement [even just 20 minutes]. I always get a walk in, thanks to my sweet one-eyed Honey, but I like to do something additional for cardio or strength training to challenge myself. This 30-day move program from Adriene is a convenient [x free] option that delivers a new yoga video to your inbox each day. I’m also a fan of doing these “walk at home” workouts by Grow With Jo. Pro tip: her 90’s boy band dance party always puts a smile on my face + is great to do with friends.


I know they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I’ve never really subscribed to that belief. Coffee is the only thing that’s mandatory in my book, but I’m trying to add in some nutritious options to complete my mornings. Depending on how much time I have, I’ve been opting for a simple smoothie in my blender [you can easily sub any fruit or nut milk in this], or on weekends, a hot meal like this easy frittata recipe is a nice indulgence. On another note, I have also enjoyed my daily game of Wordle while I sip my coffee.

When I'm pressed for time, I focus on movement x mind, since those are the most important things to help me always feel like myself.
April Martin


For A.M. maintenance, I’m focusing on the rituals I never skip. To turn my morning shower into a sensorial experience, I shake a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the tub to awaken my mind + clear my sinuses. Post shower, I’ve been treating my dry winter skin to this moisturizing body cream courtesy of Paula’s Choice Skincare. To get me out of my winter blues x add a little color to my repertoire, I’ve been eyeing this punchy two-toned bag to fill with my morning maintenance tools. Staples include [+ are applied in this order]:

If it’s a WFH day, I usually skip most of my makeup except for my brows, which end up looking full, but natural with this dual-ended Brow Pencil + Gel. Bonus: it’s also refillable. If you’re curious for an in-depth look at how to curate your own beauty routine, check out my recent article: Developing Your Personal Beauty Routine


Before I jump into emails, I take the time to make a list x plan out all of the things I want to accomplish that day. I make one list for personal tasks + another for work related things, planning the day by listing my to-do’s in priority order. Whatever I don’t finish gets rolled over to the next day. I’m a believer in planning x having goals, not only for each day, but also for the entire year. I like treating my yearly goals similar to how I plan a party – don’t skimp on any of the details + make sure there’s a full agenda! Mapping out a plan will give you tangible goals, help you know where to focus, and also give you a sense of empowerment. To jot them all down, we’ve sourced some stunning resources for you in the notepad department here, here, and here.

The important thing to remember with this morning routine is to not overwhelm yourself or feel like you need to do something from each of these categories. When I’m pressed for time, I focus on movement x mind, since those are the most important things to help me always feel like myself. Finding your personal priorities + putting your attention on thoughts x behaviors that nourish y-o-u, will result in the true transformation of your mornings.