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Developing Your Personal Beauty Routine

“Beauty is personal.” My mind keeps repeating this phrase, as I think through what beauty means to each of us. Before forming our own routine, we have to ask ourselves the “why” of creating our individual beauty rituals. Perhaps you’re a self-proclaimed beauty + wellness junky that wants a refreshed routine. Or, maybe you are just starting to form your ideas of what beauty is for you and looking for a place to start. Either way, I wanted to start the conversation x create a system that can help you craft your own top-to-bottom beauty method that anyone can implement.

Don’t worry, this isn’t another formulaic outline or complicated morning routine that can be hard to adopt. This routine is more philosophical — giving focus to different areas to help you think about your wants + needs, with ideas x products to incorporate for each. I’ve named my process the B-HACS Method, with each letter standing for an area of focus: Body, Hair, Aura, Cosmetics, Skin. Let’s dive in. . .




Beauty For The Body: When you think of beauty, sometimes we focus only on the beauty + care of the face, while forgetting what’s below the neck. For our letter “B” routine, we can choose to address a body skin concern [or just simply promise to moisturize]. Some of our common body skin concerns include texture, tone, or derm problems [think: sun damage + age-related needs]. For me, I’ve noticed as of late that no matter how much moisturizer I use on my body, it still feels dry. To address this, I’m doing my research and plan to buy a new body oil + lotion that I can layer for a moisture combo. I have my eye on this One Love Organics Antioxidant Body Serum x this Weleda Wild Rose Body Lotion. I’m digging how I think the two fragrances will layer.

Daily Rituals: Beyond just products, focus on rituals that benefit your body’s skin tone + overall wellness. I’ve been a long term dry brusher, as I noticed immediately that it made my arms x legs feel baby soft. I try to do this once a week. Pro tip: Start gently, especially if you have sensitive skin. Also as of late, I’ve incorporated monthly body Gua Sha massages on myself to promote lymphatic drainage. I purchased the De La Hart tool and tuned in for their step by step tutorial.




To be honest, a beauty routine for my hair has never been top of mind outside of the normal wash + condition, [and dry shampoo] on the no-wash days. With more time on my hands + less usage of flat irons x curling wands, I’ve noticed that my hair is healthier, and I’d like to keep it this way. So, I’ve incorporated a treatment mask at least once a month. My go-to? Oribe Signature Moisture Mask —  it worked beautifully on my damaged, fine hair.

Brush It Out: Some other ideas to get your mane in shape could be to invest in a new hairbrush or comb to inspire your daily styling. This shampoo massage brush isn’t a traditional brush — it’s used in the shower while shampooing. I like that it has the benefit of exfoliating the scalp + removing product build up [hello, dry shampoo].

Don’t Forget: Lastly, we sometimes forget that we have hair elsewhere on our bodies that need attention. Fur makes this great oil for your most sensitive areas to help soften hair x clear pores for less ingrown hairs. I also like to smooth a bit on my brows to help tame the wild hairs as they grow.




When we think of beauty, we don’t always consider the aura or “times of quiet” being a part of our beauty routine. For inner wellbeing, it’s important to also consider both our physical + mental state.

Chill Out: I’ve never been consistent with meditation and have this practice as a way to heal x cope with the grief of losing both my parents. I noticed a huge difference in my headspace, with benefits of feeling happier + being able to concentrate better. I know meditation isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested in starting in a fun way, I enjoy the Meya music meditation app. It’s well designed, lets you “choose your own adventure”, and offers a brevity of options to either help you chill or focus, depending on your mood. 

Clear The Space: An often overlooked approach to improving our headspace is by de-cluttering our space. Set a timer for two minutes to clear your surroundings + see how it affects your overall mood. For tangible organization tools, I’m a fangirl of MUJI —  their sleek acrylic storage solutions can work in any room. Looking for a simpler solution? Invest in a new candle to set a fresh tone in your space. My personal favourites are these blend candles from The Aromatherapy Co., made to be paired together for custom scent combinations [as the containers fit together to form a circle]. My personal combo of choice is the Palo Santo + Japanese Yuzu.




Keep It Simple: I’m probably dating myself, but my cosmetic routine started in junior high school with a visit to the Clinique counter — can anyone relate? Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that we would go to one brand and buy every item, but there’s also something refreshingly simple about it. These days, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the brands x products that flood our feeds. My advice? Take a note from the counter-approach: keep it simple. Start with some form of a base makeup [foundation or tinted moisturizer], then a focus on the eyes [mascara + brow], and finish with a full coverage lipstick [for a strong look] x a sheer gloss [for a sheer look]. 

Feeling Adventurous? Add in a shadow like these sticks from Trestique or play with a few new shades that get you out of your comfort zone [my eyes are on the new palette from Rare Beauty]. Watching online tips + tricks inspires me to try new things. Some of my favorites to follow are @violette_fr, @ashmeredith_, and @hudabeauty.




Consistency Is Key: Skincare is another category that can feel daunting when it comes to making choices x deciphering ingredients. The key thing to remember with skincare? Consistency is mandatory. Instead of an overly complicated routine, be thorough x disciplined with the basics — cleanse, moisturize, and SPF. 

AM to PM: Add in specialized products in the morning + at night. [Think: an antioxidant serum in the evening + a vitamin c serum when you wake up]. Pro Tip: At night, it’s best to use stronger products that give you benefits while you sleep. Some examples of these can be a retinol or an overnight mask. To really give some attention to your skin, you can also do monthly facials that involve peels or other targeted treatments. I always leave with a stunning glow after a Hydrafacial

Some of my go to resources for straight information on skincare: 

Our beauty routines may change, grow, or even lapse over time depending on where we are in our chapters of life. Remember to be realistic about your level of commitment, so that you can stick to your habits. This should be fun! If you’re an analog person like me, I also find that writing things down helps me to put my plan into action. Above all my hope is to encourage you to find a routine that’s right for you. After all, that’s what matter most.