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Clean Beauty with Cassy Joy Garcia

Clean. Safe. Toxin-Free. When these words started popping up among the beauty industry, it was the first time I had ever really thought about what is actually inside my beauty products. We care about what we put inside our bodies, so why shouldn’t we care about what we put on them?

I have followed along with Cassy Joy Garcia, food blogger, author, and clean beauty advocate for quite a while now — but when she started educating her readers about clean beauty + safer skincare — my ears perked up. Through her education, I finally felt like I had more understanding around the topic, which clean beauty products actually perform, and how I could gradually take steps toward safer swaps in my cosmetic bag.

As the topic of clean beauty continues to buzz, we knew it was worth sharing on Aisle 9. Cassy was the first person I thought of that would not only provide insight, but also helpful, authentic product recommendations for those who are curious where to start in their clean beauty journey. If you’re interested in beauty, you’ll love Cassy’s interview.





Q: How did you get into the realm of clean beauty + safer skincare?

A: I was educating readers on about the importance of what we put IN our bodies. It was only a matter of time before my inquiring mind wondered — what about what goes ON our bodies? I did some research, discovered the appalling abundance of endocrine-disrupting ingredients in the grand majority of products. I started researching how I could clean up the products in my cabinets, which then evolved into guides, lessons learned, and tips for my readers. 


Q: What does it mean for a product to be “clean”?

A: It really means, at least to me, that the product is free from known carcinogens, endocrine-disruptors, and skin irritants. Additionally, it’s gone through testing to ensure that there aren’t any overgrowths of nasty microbes, [which are typically not regulated in the beauty industry]. Overall, it’s a product that is nothing but good for your skin.



Q: What was the hardest product for you to swap?

A: The most challenging product to swap was foundation! I don’t wear makeup daily, but when I do, it sits on my skin for about eight hours. That’s a long time for toxic chemicals to hang out on skin and find their way into my bloodstream. Until recently — clean, high-performing cosmetics were hard to come by.


Q: What would you say is the most important item to prioritize swapping for a cleaner alternative? Which would make the biggest impact in your overall health?

A: I’d first look at products that sit on your skin the longest [think: moisturizer]. Items like shampoo + conditioner are worth considering, but they don’t offer the same kind of exposure as a skin product. Also, think about lip cosmetics. We ingest more lip gloss, lip balm, and lipstick than you may think!



Q: A big hesitation for people switching to clean beauty is the cost of products. What would you say to someone living on a budget that wants to make the swap?

A: If you’re strategic, you can make clean beauty work on any budget. There are still some homemade options that can help save quite a few pennies [think: homemade toner crafted with water and a touch of apple cider vinegar]. Instead of walking into a drugstore and impulsively buying four shades of lip gloss, choose one color you love and use it up!


Q: What are your favorite clean beauty products? 

I’m a big fan of Ursa Major’s deodorant + body soap, Primally Pure’s lip balm, body butter, and dry shampoo, and Beautycounter’s makeup + skincare. [I especially love the Countermatch collection.]




About Cassy: Cassy Joy Garcia is a food blogger, cookbook author and clean beauty advocate on a mission to empower healthy lifestyle transformations through clear nutrition science, delicious recipes, and healthy mindset tips. You can follow along with her on Instagram or through her website at, as well as order her latest book, Cook Once, Eat All Week here!