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Why I Decided To Dye My Hair With Clairol Nice 'N Easy

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We talked to Tina from NV about her favorite features of Clairol Nice 'n Easy Hair Color. Here's what she had to say:

01 | Gentle
My skin is very sensitive. I have a very hard time with hair dye products and usually break out in a rash. Clairol Nice 'N Easy was very gentle on my scalp and did not cause me any problems.
02 | Color
The shade that I chose was lightest brown. I picked this color because I wanted something different than my natural color and I also liked the color. I like that there was a nice variation of tones and highlights in this color.
03 | Coverage
Now that I am getting older, I noticed my first few gray hairs. I like that this brand has 100% gray coverage. Usually, gray hairs are very difficult to color with hair dye, but Clairol Nice 'N Easy covered my grays with perfection.
Simple Application
04 | Simple Application
The process to use this hair dye was very simple. I like that it is only three steps. It makes the product very easy to use.
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Clairol Nice 'n Easy Hair Color