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Good Hair Dae

“According to one of our coastal readers, Dae has brought her "dry x dull ocean-soaked hair back to life," making it smooth, shiny, and even brighter. The line, founded by Amber Fillerup Clark, is based in sunny Arizona and was inspired by the sun’s natural rhythm as it rises, shines + sets. Our pick is the Dae Duo, a sulfate-free shampoo + conditioner that is formulated without any synthetic fragrances or dyes, but a healthy blend of essential oils + botanical ingredients, like hibiscus flower, moringa leaf extract + false daisy extract. The pink-hued bottles evoke cotton candy skies + those moments of beauty in our own daily lives. Bonus: With each product purchased, Dae donates 15.8 gallons of water to charity: water — a non-profit whose mission is bringing clean water to developing countries. Look good x feel good. ”

Dae Duo: Shampoo + Conditioner Set