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Easy Hairstyles Any Busy [Or Lazy] Woman Can Handle

I don’t know about you, but I truly do have the best intentions to wake up before the rest of the house and get myself ready to go, even on the busiest of days. But for whatever reason, I just can’t quit the snooze button, which means quick and easy hair is the means of survival in this season of life. So, mom-to-mom, woman-to-woman, I’m going to share 5 of my go-to hairstyles for those days when spending an hour on your hair just isn’t an option—which, let’s face it, ends up being most days. 

First off, as any fellow busy (or lazy) lady knows, you have to make sure you’re stocked up on dry shampoo. Batiste Original Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver—it’s a more affordable option you can pick up at Walmart (which means one less errand to run) that works great but doesn’t cause build up. Shake up the can, and spray your roots, and use your fingers to tease it in. Then, grab a few bobby pins and some elastics and give these easy hairstyles a go! 

The Top Knot (aka, Ol’ Reliable)

The faithful, ever-present top knot. Oh, how my first two years of motherhood adore you. Start by spraying your dry shampoo as a good base and use a teasing comb to give your roots a little volume around at the base so you get a nice, loose look to your hair. If it gets too teased, comb some of the spots back down, and pull it up into a traditional ponytail, wherever that feels comfortable for you. Tease the hair coming out of the pony tail just a bit to give it a little grip and twist it around the pony tail holder until you have just the last inch or so of your hair remaining. Tuck it into the ponytail holder, or secure with a couple bobby pins. Pull on the bun here and there in little bits at a time and arrange it until you are happy. Messy is in when it comes to a top knot, so don’t make it look too perfect!

The Modified Top Knot

Use the same principle as you did with the regular to knot,  but with your hair half up. Try it in a low bun on your neck, or channel your inner Spice Girl and do two separate topknots in pigtails. The trick to pigtail top knots are to pull several strands of hair loose around your ears to make it not feel so tight and pulled back from your face. Try the top knot pulled straight back without a part, or a middle part—the choice is yours! 

The Looped Ponytail

Do you remember the topsy tail? In the 90’s they sold a little gadget that looked like a crochet needle to thread your ponytail back inside itself (or it just got stuck in your hair). Gadgets aside, I love this hairstyle! Put your hair in a ponytail and thread the pony tail back inside inside itself and pull it through. Tighten the ponytail holder to secure. If you have a couple extra minutes, you can add some loose waves if you’re down for a boho look, or if you need to dress this style up.


I know this hairstyle makes everyone pause. You’re thinking you can’t pull it off. You can. Wear it once and it’ll be a regular in your rotation. Spray dry shampoo and tease the base of your hair. Separate it into two equal sections on either side of your head, braid, and secure with clear ponytail holders. Cross one section across the back or top of you head depending on where you want your “braid crown” to lay. Secure with a bobby pin at the end. Cross the other side over, overlapping to cover the bobby pin from the opposite braid. Secure discretely with another bobby pin. Pull some strands loose around your ears and give a light spray of hair spray to keep secure and spray down any flyway’s in the braids.

Loose Waves

This ons is perfect for long or short hair—and it’s actually a great date night go-to! Spray your hair with dry shampoo and a light misting of hairspray. Mentally divide your hair into 6 pie shaped sections around your head, and curl the large three sections on the left side away from your face, then the large three sections on the right side away from your face however you like to curl. I prefer wrapping my hair around my curling iron like it’s a curling wand, but you can do a traditional curl here too. Pull any hair around the bottom that you’ve missed into two sections and curl them as well. Spray with another dose of hairspray and flip your head over to break the curls up a bit. Remember-these are quick, very loose waves! If you need to go in and touch up a few pieces with your curling iron you can, but the best part of these curls are they can refresh your curls from the day before, or just add a little wave to your bedhead.