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Relaxing Chamomile Scent, Leaves Skin Soft and Smooth

In Partnership with Kiwi Botanicals

We talked to Amber from IL about Kiwi Botanicals Shower Gel and here’s what she had to say:

Thoughts on Kiwi Botanicals Shower Gel?
I really enjoyed the Kiwi Botanicals Soothing Shower Gel gel with Manuka honey and chamomile. The gel lathered up nicely and the scent was subtly relaxing.
What stands out about the ingredients?
Less is more in my book! I love that Kiwi Botanicals Soothing Shower Gel does not contain the "extras" that do my body and skin no good! I also like that the Manuka honey is explained on the side. I found the information very insightful and promising!
How does it help you work in a little TLC, guilt-free?
I LOVE that Kiwi Botanicals Soothing Shower Gel is cruelty-free, and would purchase again for this reason! I also like the history and benefits of​ Manuka honey. The scent is very nice also.
Is there a product from their line you'd like to try next?
I would like to try the charcoal shower gel in the future! It was a toss-up between it and the chamomile variety, but I went with chamomile based on the scent in-store.
Kiwi Botanicals Soothing Shower Gel is a lovely scented chamomile shower gel without harsh additives!

Kiwi Botanicals Shower Gel