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Your New Signature Scent

“Fragrance is inherently personal. So much so, that when you borrow your mother’s, sister’s, or best friend’s perfume, it will likely smell different on you than it does on her. We are unique in many ways, and this is chemically + biologically, one of them. What makes you you? This is what Glossier’s eau de parfum, You, is getting at and how it’s formulated with three base notes [ambrette, ambox, musk] and two top notes [iris root and pink pepper] that combine with your skin to smell like you. Our Editor-In-Chief, Anna Cottrell, swears by it -- so you know it’s good. Travel tip: Buy a new travel-sized perfume before a vacation, and upon your return, every time you wear it, it will take you back. ”

Glossier You Eau de Parfum