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7 Shades of Polish You Need This Season

Autumn has officially arrived! Unfortunately (and fortunately) for us, this means that our PSL selfies in cute cardigans no longer call for nail polish shades that blend with Easter eggs and beach balls. So, if you’re tired of getting side eyed at your desk for your “so last season” pastel pinkies, never fear! Herein lies your comprehensive list of Essie shades that you capital “N” Need this fall.

Unlike your parents outdated hippy lingo, this shade is the epitome of modern sophistication. Its deeper red/plum hues make us think of the holidays while also blending nicely with the mustards and deep oranges of our fall wardrobe. Added bonus: the constant reminder of the bottle of cab we have at home waiting to congratulate us on a work day well done. #blessup

If Essie’s name for this shade hasn’t already swept you up in an autumn breeze, the beautiful “matte finish with reflective pearls” of this polish will sell you for sure. Plus, who doesn’t need an awesomely versatile neutral nude for any season?

If you’re like me, and just can’t seem to shake the blues (I’m fine, really,) this next shade is definitely for you. This deep navy says a lot of things besides, “I’m so trendy” Like, “I’m totally professional and can easily handle this insane workload/adulting by myself.” Or, “Why, yes I am single. Surprised you noticed because I’m not trying at all.” Unbiasedly, but somewhat biasedly, this color rocks. You need it, I need it, we all need it.

This shade totally and seamlessly bridges the gap between summer teal and winter evergreen while maintaining some unique flare. Dress with brown or black leather, denim and off-white then go take cute pics in a pumpkin patch. You deserve it.

In addition to reminding us of mankind’s third best invention (after wine and cheese,) this chocolate brown makes a bold, yet neutral addition to any well-stocked polish arsenal. It is also one of Essie’s “nail lacquers” which dry faster and harder than traditional polish. So, if you’re on the go but still need to look like an autumn goddess, slap on some PIC and grab a matching chocolate brown lip.  Then queue “She’s so High” by Tal Bachman, roll those windows down and let ‘em stare.

This is another one of Essie’s nail lacquers from their new fall line (see “on the go” argument above.) described on the Walmart website with this one liner: “Send a clear message with enigmatic jade. Silky and sensuous, this serpentine green whispers, “whatever I say, goes.”” Yeah, what my nails said. Need I convince you more? Get on our collective nails, Enigmatic Jade.

Last but certainly not least, Essie’s glossy black Licorice. If you were never a punk rock/emo/angsty teen, it’s not too late to start. And if you were, your black polishes from that era were either “sharpie” brand or are way past their prime by now. Since we’re older now and more sophisticated, (hair flip) it’s time to class it up a bit while still holding on to the color that matches our souls. Grab some shiny new black and reminisce with me. Sidenote: black polish is totally a must for fall and winter even if you don’t relate with my angsty teen years.

The best part about these winner shades is that they’re all available either at your local Walmart or on It couldn’t be more convenient to compliment your newly unearthed sweaters and booties. You officially have no excuses. Go. Now.