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The Art Of Wintering

“Winter, for some, is yet another uncomfortable setting we far too easily push out or hurry along. We winterize our homes and our lives, keeping the uncomfortable things that may have the power to change us, at a distance. Katherine May understands our pain – in fact, she faced a lot of hardship in what she calls her own personal winter. However, in her book, Wintering, she gives a refreshing look on how winter can provide an opportunity for clarity. It can force us to slow down and to cultivate a practice of self-reflection, and, similar to the reliable rhythms of nature, self-repair. She dives in deeper as a guest on the podcast 'On Being' to lighten the conversation x share her story. May actually spends a lot of time in nature, observing + experiencing the healing power of the cold + the resilience of the human spirit. It’s a lovely meditative book – one that inspires us to hang on + hunker down, because our personal spring might just be right around the corner. ”