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The Best Tweets About Solar Eclipse 2017

In case you somehow missed it, we were recently able to experience an amazing phenomenon—a Solar Eclipse. There was a ton of hype leading up to the big event; retailers sold out of certified viewing glasses, Amazon had to recall non-certified viewing glasses, and thousands of people traveled across the country to be in the path of totality. While some people found the event to be one of the greatest experiences of their lives, others found the main event to be a little disappointing. Regardless, the Internet came in clutch with some hilarious posts about #SolarEclipse2017.

Like this Tweet showing the Google Search volumes for “solar eclipse” vs “my eyes hurt.”

And this one from NASA’s Moon account pulling a classic #dadjoke

And this Solar Eclipse variation that is way cuter than the real thing.

This video showing what actually happened during the Solar Eclipse…

Or this footage of the Solar Eclipse captured mid-flight.

Or when the International Space Station pulled the ultimate photo bomb.

This Tweet that made us all really jealous that we weren’t witnessing the Solar Eclipse next to Bill Nye.

Or this newscaster who was 100% over the Solar Eclipse.

Or When “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler surpassed “Despacito” on iTunes.

Or this one that sums up the fact that, despite the chaos happening in our nation today, we can all agree on the fact that the Universe is pretty neat.