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Aisle 9 Holiday Gift Guide | Winter 2018

The holidays are close at hand, 2019 is within sight, and it’s about time we reached into our gift-giving magician’s hat yet again. But no white rabbits emerged this year– instead we found a great soy candle, green lipstick, some inspiring reads, and everything else you + yours could possibly hope for. Some people might argue that this is the most wonderful time of the year– and we are here to make sure it really is, by taking some weight off your shoulders + upholding your reputation as the best gift giver around.


IPPINKA Computer Brush | $21

This one will be in our desk drawer for life.


Taschen 1000 Record Covers Book | $18

A walk down memory lane, through the unique lens of album art. When they say not to judge a book by it’s cover– this is an exception.



Stainless Steel Cub Cups | $28

“Toddlers are like little cavemen”. . . they said it first. Indestructible [aka child proof] stainless steel cups great for keeping around if you have little ones in your life.



Bamboozle Compost Bin | $42

Composting is an incredible way to cut down on your waste, reduce your carbon footprint, + nourish your garden. Though it may seem daunting, this little stationary, indoor composter makes it so easy to elevate your green thumb– and honestly, it’s kind of cute.



BAGGU Canvas Tote | $32

No matter the outfit or the errand– this gridded cotton tote is begging to be filled with fresh flowers, library books, a laptop. . . you name it.



Perfect Pour Stainless Toppers | $20

Keep all of your cooking oils at the ready x your countertops tidy with these stainless steel pourers. No mess, a gorgeous even pour, + no more caps scattered across the kitchen counter. A total win, if you ask us.



Carhartt Watch Cap | $13

Carhartt is known for it’s timeless, practical construction x longevity– and any man can appreciate that. This classic coal heather watch hat fits snug, holds onto heat, + can go anywhere they go.



Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit | $17

Legendary dancer + choreographer Twyla Tharp took her lifetime of creative insight out of the studio, and finally put it all down on paper. Whether or not you work in a creative field, this book reaches beyond the realm of art and into every day life. In her witty x straight forward way, Twyla urges you to turn your creativity into a ritual + gives you tools to get out of any sort of rut [writers block, etc.].



Taschen Acrylic Book Stand | $37

Taschen’s acrylic bookstand– just what your coffee table has been missing x what your favourite books deserve. Beautiful on its own, but even better with your newest art book on display.



Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo | $16

Maintaining your sweater weather lineup isn’t easy, but this stuff does a lot of the work for you. Give your luxe garments the TLC they deserve x a fresh cedar scent.



La Mer Lip Balm | $61

Treat yourself, or someone you love, to a little pot of gold. Lock in moisture x protect your lips against the elements with the most luxe lip balm around.



MemoBottle A7 | $22

A little something to make that “drink more water” New Years resolution a lot more fun.



Kinto 350ML Tumbler | $37

Seriously, can you imagine a dreamier travel tumbler? Balance is key- and here it is. This travel mug is guaranteed to keep your coffee hot, and your water ice cold– no burnt hands or condensation involved.



Honest Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes | $7

Because nothing is more important than removing your makeup [or what remains of it] at the end of a long day — even if you don’t feel like it.



Lipstick Queen | $21

Interacting with the pH on your lips x your natural coloring, the Frog Prince lipstick transforms into a glossy rosebud pink during application. Perfect for someone who might just be dipping their toes into the makeup pool.



Becoming | $20

A glimpse through the eyes of one of the most influential x beloved women of our time. . . Michelle Obama.



Milk Snob Stroller Cover | $33

A round of applause for all the multitasking mamas of the world. Now, let’s make your life a little easier. Milk Snob’s multifunctional covers are cool fitted shields for carseats, highchairs, strollers, grocery carts, nursing– the list goes on. Perfect for keeping your little one out of dodge of the sun + the hustle and bustle of the outside world, without any fuss [on babe’s end, and yours].



Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker | $79

Small but mighty, the Bose SoundLink is a game changer when it comes to travel, picnics, + afternoons lounging at the beach. Trust me, you’ll never want to leave home without it.


Essentials Knife Set | $19
For those of you who still use a butcher’s knife to cut everything. . . we get it. But we think you deserve better– and matching your knives to your fruits, veggies x proteins is kind of life-altering. This set includes three of Rada’s top players– a pairing knife, steak knife, + tomato knife. We think you’re gonna love it.


Wit & Delight Desktop Notepad | $12

For bright ideas, daydreams, to do lists, + everything in between. This pink little notepad is too gorgeous to hide away, so keep it displayed on your desktop– you never know when inspiration will strike.


All Natural Clary Balm | $17

No more weighing down your purse with countless beauty remedies, “just in case.” Clary’s multipurpose balm is packed with rich, all-natural ingredients like olive oil + chamomile + lavender to soothe, restore, and heal. Chapped lips, irritated skin, dry hands, you name it- there’s nothing this balm can’t do.



Rosemary Terra Soy Candle via P.F. Candle Co. | $30
A soul-warming rosemary scent from the most reliable candle company. It’s our favourite thing to light on a chilly winter evening.